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The Enemy.
May 24, 2007, 10:19 am
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Designers are the enemy of design.
I rather say designs are the enemy of my limitation. Why? Well design is something that the artist practices to create more creative visual or outcome. I always believe that I am not a creative person, and gradually or naturally design is my enemy. I always find creating new things is hard, what I mean in new means something that other have not seen behind and also things that represent you as a designer. Design is likely styles that represent somebody or something. Everyone out there has his or her own style, in the way of dressing or in the way of looking at something. I believe everyone can be a designer, this fact have triggers me a lot as a designer; it makes me think that there are so many challenge out there, and it makes life hard to be a designer.

From what we acknowledge the changes of generation, kids now days can design or create their own web blog, in creating their space had allowed them to expand their aesthetic side. This makes everyone a designer, hence we know that there’s no right or wrong in design, if something looks pleasant to you, then that will be a good design. Everyone can be a designer. I believe as a designer, creating something new and stylist had become a challenge more than a freedom.


Business Consultation.
May 24, 2007, 10:04 am
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I think the topic of Business Consultation has triggers a lot of people. The topic of debating on Business Consultation should specifically focus on the word consultation. I believe there’s a lot of people out there will not be brave enough to accept the criticisms of being critic. I remember the time I really accept taking consultation part of the help and advice was to convince myself, which is telling myself that it can help me to understand what does my lecturer are expecting from me. I believe the roles of lecturers in university are parallel to be the client we are going to meet in future. I understand there is a lot of student out there, or maybe even to the industrial working designer they are not yet brave enough to be honest to themselves, and what are the things that are require, there will be no benefits on listening to yourself, the behaviour above are called stubborn. I believe being a part of an artist; they have a nature born character that is being persisted in their own style. They believe what their doing would be able to please them in either visual or pride.

From the perspective of professional manner, I insist that we should practise consultation during our studies; at lease this would able to allow us to build the manner of accepting what other needs and learn to be honest to ourself. Moreover, consultation allows us to practise the skill of communicating to the other party. It is important that not to arise a conflict situation with other, sometimes when we are not agreeing what other thinks will able to arise a situation of wrangle. Using the appropriate communication skills enable us not only to please other but also let other to agree in our side of opinion. The manner of professional consultation should be two ways reaction, not only to reject what you are seeing or doing but to also accept the other people opinion. Learning to accept is the best way to improve personal learning skills.

The Greenhouse Effect
May 8, 2007, 1:20 pm
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Greed Vs Green
May 8, 2007, 1:19 pm
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Recently The Federal Treasurer Peter Costello has announced there will be a small amount of tax deduction for tree plantation and a single solar program is able to proceed. It sounds like the treasurer has join the green community, well I can say it’s not exactly what it is, it may sound supportive but yet, it’s not what it is.

The federal may seems to do some action but not essentially making effort on improving the environment. According to the environment studies said, to improve the environment is to decrease the greenhouse effect, to mainly reduce CO2. Most CO2 are produce by transportation such as, cars, trains and lorries. Unfortunately, the federal seems to have pretended to move on climate change, but yet kept in place billions of dollars of subsidies to coal and oil. This behaviour has enable to provide funding to create more pollutions but only making small steps towards a green solution.

I reckon the federal has spend too much concern on how to promote the issue and problems but yet not providing a solution to the society. In that case you are not making any changes, but yet going backwards not forwards, making things even worst.

The latest budget is more about greed than green; the government has failed its environmental responsibility and therefore failed in its responsibility to the people of Australia. The rich are getting rich and the poor are getting even poor, the problems will never be provide a solution. Human selfishness will one day destroy the environment, and it will lets this country down.

It’s our Duty.
April 30, 2007, 4:09 am
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I realise the other way of creating unwanted things is by consuming, the more you consume the more you pile up unwanted materials at home. Such as DVD VCD or cassette, this all resource is things that would not be able to be reuse. Producer always create tons of unnecessary waste, and I reckon this all producer should take responsibility to find a way to dilute those unsustainable item.

I found a website that tells very well about there’s some company are doing their job on research to create a sustainable future.


Politic VS Go Green
April 30, 2007, 4:01 am
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April 30, 2007, 3:04 am
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After watch the film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, i realise somehow politics and eco-awareness are related. As we know we can’t succeed anything without outside support, I believe keeping the earth in a healthy condition is a responsible of people, where we share the earth together then we should collaborate together to work this out. Politics can bring out the issue and educate people the issue easily because their voices are always stronger than normal people. They bring out action plans that enable to protect the environment; they are a good force to push people to be aware.